Example Projects

Tupelo Explorer and Wallet

Tupelo Explorer is a WASM, react-based app built on the Tupelo WASM SDK.
The explorer enables users to browse ChainTrees, the data-structure underlying Tupelo. Tupelo Explorer can also be used as a basic wallet.

Combining the power of WASM with the speed of accessing a DLT (Tupelo) from the browser opens up exciting new user facing applications.

Learn More about Tupelo Explorer Tupelo Explorer on Github


Decentracar is a demonstration of how a decentralized ride sharing company could work on a fast, accessible DLT like Tupelo.

The ride-sharing company acts to screen and register both users and drivers but eligible riders and drivers then use p2p pubsub to efficiently arrange rides without an expensive centralized process. Note the important distinction between decentralization and full disintermediation which are discussed as part of the exploration.

Learn More about Decentracar Decentracar on Github

IoT - Tupelo Based Lock Control via Zwave and Raspberry Pi

The winner of a Tupelo coding challenge this proof of concept project uses ChainTrees, Zwave and Raspberry Pi to remotely control a house lock.
The react-native client can be granted temporary access with control and tracking all signed by the Tupelo testnet.

Learn More about Tupelo IoT Lock Tupelo IoT Lock on Github

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