Tupelo Tutorials

In support of helping developers get started we have created a series of tutorials. We start with the most simple and get progressively more sophisticated.

Hello Decentralized World

The obligatory first tutorial is the “Hello World” app. For this project it is a little more appropriate than most, as we will be creating a message and getting it signed by the Tupelo Network. We are actually saying “Hello” to this new decentralized “World.”

This should only take a few minutes and we will have a Chain-Tree that contains immutable proof that we said Hello to the Tupelo World on this day.

“Hello World” tutorial

Notebook App

One of the use cases for blockchain is in recording information that is immutable. This walkthrough takes you through the building of a simple Javascript app which allows the user to “stamp” notebook entries. That means they will be signed by the Tupelo network and that what was written and when can be proven at any time in the future.

Notebook App Tutorial

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